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1 All animals purchased from us will come with an Identification Number and copy of the corresponding records.

2 All animals will be in good health and will have had at least four feeds.

3 All animals will be feeding on defrosted rats or mice unless stated otherwise.

4 If for any reason you are not satisfied or have concerns regarding your purchase then please contact us within 48 hours of completion. (In this case we would prefer you to contact us by telephone as emails can go missing).

5 If for some reason your snake is taken ill or a fatality occurs, within the above allotted time frame, we will replace it if we can or refund your full purchase price.

6 A 25% deposit will secure any animal or future clutch at a confirmed price. Final balance to be paid within 30 days unless other alternative payment agreement has been reached.

7 Deposits will be non-refundable after the 30 day period has lapsed unless we cannot supply what we have agreed.

8 No animals will leave our premises until payment is received in full. See (PAYMENT)

9 Delivery address to be confirmed by email ONLY.

10 Please do not ask if we would like to swap for your car, kids, or goat!