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In the following categories and sub-categories is a list of a full range of products, which we aim to always have in stock.

Whether you are looking for heating, enclosures, furnishings, books, foods or any other reptile related products, we are sure we stock something to suit your requirements from all of the leading manufacturers including Arcadia, Habistat, Exo Terra, Zoo Med, Lucky Reptile, Microclimate, TFH, F10, Komodo, Sera and many more.

All prices are RRP from the manufacturers, for any deals please contact a member of our staff.

Products » LIGHTING

Clamp Lamps and Clamp Lamp Stands.
Canopies for Terrariums.
Compact Bulbs
Compact bulbs for UV, daylight and moon light.
Florescent Tubes
A choice of UV tubes and Daylight tubes.
LED Lighting
Arcadia Classica LED Lights.
T5 and T8 Florescent Tube Reflectors.
Slimline Luminaires
Arcadia T5 Slimline Luminaires
Starter Units
A selection of Arcadia Starter Units.