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After a long time searching for premises we finally settled on a place in Teynham. As you can see from the photographs we had a lot of hard work in front of us to get it up to a standard that we felt would be acceptable To keep the cost down all of the work was carried out by ourselves during the evenings and weekends. As the task ahead was so large we thought that the easiest way forward was to completely strip everything out of the building and start again.

We then started by fixing the outside of the building, fixing all of the wood work, installing new front doors and even rebuilding the gable end!

On the inside we were very concerned about how cold it was so we set about insulating the building as best as we could. We installed double insulated ceilings and insulated all the concrete walls with Kingspan. Then we had to have all new electrics installed as we were not very confident that the old electrical system could handle the amount of electricity we were going to be using.

Once all of this was done we set about levelling all the floors where we could and building concrete bases ready for the enclosures to be fitted on to. All of the enclosures were custom built to maximise the space in the shop. Once the enclosures had been delivered along came the time consuming task of wiring them all in, filling them with decor and setting the right temperatures. Once we were satisfied that everything was working correctly, we then set about getting all the stock in from various suppliers and breeders plus all of the reptiles we had accumulated around our home and settled them into their new homes.

After again checking and monitoring that everything was working correctly for over 2 weeks and after over a year’s hard work we were finally ready to open our doors.