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After many years of enjoying the wonderful hobby of Herpetology and gaining a substantial amount of experience in keeping lots of different species of reptile, we felt that the time was right to open a shop. Before we even started to look for premises we sat down and discussed what goals we wanted to achieve. Below is a list of the three main factors we decided on and how we believe we have achieved them.

The first thing we decided on was that we did not want to sell anything other than reptiles, as this was our love and we felt that it was wrong to sell something that we did not know about or have an interest in, just to make money and by solely concentrating on our passion, we are dedicated to ensure that every animal we have in stock is given the best possible care.

Secondly, we set our sights on not only having the best selection of quality reptiles and products in our town, but in our whole county! We have over 120 display vivariums containing one of the widest varieties of quality reptiles available. Whether you are a beginner looking for your first lizard or snake or an enthusiast looking for something a little more desirable or a specific morph, we believe we have something for everyone. We also stock over 60 vivs and cabinets in a wide range of sizes and colour or we can order bespoke vivs to suit your needs, if you desire. We always have a large selection of dry goods from all the leading manufacturers, although we have tried our best to only sell products that we believe in or are good value for money.

Last but definitely not least, is your satisfaction!! If you don’t leave satisfied with your purchase we believe you won’t come back, in which case our hard work will have been for nothing, so we aim to get it right. We think it’s so important to give you the best advice and information because we are selling live animals. If you buy a DVD, or sofa you never have to worry that you’re not keeping it correctly but when you buy a living animal your fears of "are you doing everything right?" is always at the fore front of your mind and because of this we always try to pass on as much of the information we have learnt to our customers to help them to be assured that they are doing everything they can for the animal that they have purchased, or that the product that they have brought is the right product for its purpose and is being used correctly. We have trained our staff to give the customer as much time as they require helping them feel positive and confident about what they are buying. We appreciate that no one knows everything and there is no shame in admitting this, so if you ask one of our staff a question and they don’t know the answer they will tell you honestly that they don’t know then they will do everything they can to find the right information for you. It’s good to learn something new for us too!!

In the following pages is a small insight into the amount of hard work that went into creating and building Kent’s largest Specialist Reptile Centre.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop soon.

Lost World Reptiles

The Shop Before
An insight into the build
Shop Room 1
An insight into room one
Shop Room 2
An insight into room two
Shop Room 3
An insight into room three