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In the Diagrams below we have used a albino for our recessive example.

All the information supplied on this page can be applied to any recessive Morph

Recessive – a mutant allele that changes the phenotype one when homozygous, When heterozygous the individual looks normal.

Heterozygous – having two different alleles at a given locus.

Homozygous – Having two identical alleles at a given locus.

Hover mouse over pairings to get results*

Heterozygous X Normal (resulting offspring are considered 50% possible hets)
Heterozygous X Heterozygous (normal looking offspring are considered 66% possible hets)
Homozygous X Normal (all offspring are hets)
Homozygous X Heterozygous
Homozygous X Homozygous