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Here are some of the most popular questions that we get asked. Most of our answers are brief, if you look around our site you will find an in depth look/article on most aspects of keeping a Ball Python. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please send us an email (contact) and we will do the very best we can to help.

Can we come and visit your premises?
We are not a retail premise so visiting is strictly by appointment only and is only for the collection of a snake(s). Please see (Our Facility) to view our premises. If you are looking to purchase from us then we will send you as many photo’s as we can or alternatively you can view the quality of our snake(s) at one of our (Stockist).

My Ball Python has escaped what should I do?
Ball Pythons, like all snakes, are great escape artists! Usually they don’t go far, look down low and search all the warm areas in the room, if this fails then remember Ball Pythons like to feel secure so look in anything where he can hide i.e. (shoes, empty boxes, behind cupboards).

How can I remove skin after my Ball Python has had a bad shed?
The reason for this is the humidity in the enclosure is too low. To remove the old skin we simply put some tepid water into a lidded plastic container, with minimal ventilation (only a few air holes) and we place a large heat mat under one end to keep the water tepid and a rock inside which the snake can rest upon. Leave him in there for 30 minutes and then dry the snake with a towel, as the snake runs through the towel increase your grip and the dead skin will simply fall away. If this does not work then repeat but increase the soaking time. PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP A CONSTANT EYE ON THE SNAKE WHILST CARRYING OUT THIS PROCEDURE AND NEVER USE HOT WATER.

What does 1.2 mean?
This is used to identify the sexes of snakes. E.g. 1.2 means that you have 3 snakes, 1 male and 2 female’s. 1.0 means you have only a male whilst 0.2 means you have 2 females. The male is always the first digit.

What do CB, CF, WC and LTC mean?
CB stands for Captive Bred. This means that a person has bred these in captivity. These make the best snakes.

CF stands for Captive Farmed. This usually means that the babies are farmed in thousands in Africa and then shipped through several different hands before they reach the Pet Industry.

WC stands for Wild Caught. Avoid at all costs! These snakes usually do not feed and will starve themselves; they can carry internal parasites, ticks and mites. You will have nothing but trouble with them and in my opinion there is no need for buying one given the current market of the Ball Python.

LTC stands for Long Term Captive. Basically it’s a wild caught snake that has been in captivity for some time and has tried to adapt to its new environment the best it can. They can still be a lot of hard work so again, in my opinion, it is unnecessary to buy one.

Should I be feeding live or dead rodents?
I believe it is against UK laws to feed live rodents to snakes, but even if it was not it is very hard and expensive to get live rodents. You would also have the added factor that the rodent could attack the snake and cause it harm, or even death. Remember the snake cannot defend itself and in captivity it has lost the element of surprise that it relies on to catch live prey. With a little bit of perseverance most snakes will feed on defrosts. Please see our feeding article for tips (link)

My Ball Python has stopped feeding?
The first thing is...don’t panic! This can be very natural for them. If the snake is of good general health it can go for a long time without feeding and it will not harm him at all. As I write this I have got 3 snakes that won’t feed but have lost no more than 40g in weight. If he/she is losing weight fast then seek veterinary advice. Please see our feeding article for tips (link)

Is it ok that my snake spends days in its water bowl?
Yes, some snakes like to soak in their water bowl more than other’s, however this can also be a sign that it has Mites. It could also be a sign that he/she is about to shed its skin or that the temperature in the enclosure is too hot. Ensure that the water is kept fresh during his soaking periods.

How often can I handle my snake?
This depends on the snake, some like it more than others. Start off with a little bit each day and see what happens. Normally if the snake is stressed because of this it will stop feeding, if this is the case then stop all handling until it starts to feed again. Always leave 48 hours after a feed before handling as this will give the snake time to digest its food and will minimize the chance of it regurgitating a food item.

Do snakes drink water?
Yes, but they get a lot of their water from their food items, but you should always make sure your snake has fresh water available.

Why does my snake yawn?
This is quite natural and they often do it after a meal to realign there jaws. Just be careful that it is not the first signs of a respiratory infection.

Will my snake bite me?
Yes, all animals will bite under certain circumstances; however, this is not the normal behaviour of a Ball Python.

Do snakes eat food items backwards?
As a rule no, they normally eat their items head first. However there is always the exception, don’t worry it will not harm it, in fact pull up a chair and watch it can be very amusing and you will soon figure out why they normally eat head first!!